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Extension hair is different than natural hair and requires special care. Having great home care will extend the life of your extensions.



  • Brush extensions thoroughly before washing to remove any tangles.

  • Use professional grade, sulfate and paraben-free shampoo to prolong your hair color and extensions. 

  • Massage shampoo into your roots and in between your rows. Scrub gently. Lather ends of hair as well. I suggest shampooing twice to fully clean the hair. 

  • Rinse well and do not leave any product behind.

  • Use a hydrating conditioner from mid-shaft down to the ends of your hair and leave on for 2-3 minutes. Do not condition near the beads. 

  • Rinse well


  • I recommend a weekly mask to restore moisture.

  • Absorb soaking wet hair with a microfiber towel and remove as much moisture as possible.


Brush and Blow Dry


  • Apply a leave-in conditioner/detangler with heat protectant.

  • Using a Wet Brush, start from the ends of your hair and work your way up.

  • Part your hair by separating your natural hair from your bottom row and brush that out, then drop down your extension row and brush that out, repeat all the way up to the last row and above.

  • Using only your hands and fingers, rough blowdry your hair until it’s 80% dry. You can flip your head upside down and aim the dryer at your roots, then flip it back up and finish the ends.

  • You can use a round brush and a small amount of tension to smooth all of your hair, the last 20% of your blowdry.




  • Always apply heat protectant

  • Keep your hot tool temperature low (320º or lower).




  • Brush thoroughly before bed and make sure you’re going to bed with dry hair.

  • Loosely braid your hair or wrap it in a loose bun.

  • Sleep on a silk pillowcase to avoid tangling. 




  • Before swimming, wet your hair with fresh water and apply leave-in conditioner to act as a barrier prior to entering a pool, or the ocean.

  • Tie in a loose ponytail or braid.

  •  Immediately after swimming, use a clarifying shampoo, and leave-in conditioner. 

  • Do this at your own risk. For optimal extension longevity, avoid getting extension hair wet in oceans, rivers, lakes, and pools.




  • Avoid the use of chemical-based sunscreens, as this can discolor the hair. Please use mineral-based sunscreen only.


  • Wash hair 2x a week

  • Use a moisturizing mask 1x a week

  • Keep hair tangle free with frequent brushing

  • Apply serums and a clear oil to keep ends moisturized.

  • Invest in a water filter for your shower head to prevent unwanted minerals from depositing on your hair and extensions.


  • Brush over the seam of your wefts

  • Let sunscreen touch your extensions

  • Let bronzing/tanning lotions touch your extensions

  • Use a gold hair oil. It will discolor the extensions. 

  • Use purple shampoo

  • Use protein based hair products

  • Go to bed with wet hair

  • Go underwater with pools with chlorine

  • Use shampoo with sulfates

If you’re experiencing any trouble with your extensions, please reach out to me immediately.

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